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Young Leaders of Today

Their bright minds and musical talents will change the world.

With God & Music, they will change the world

Derived from the young life of author Anthony Moore, the SandBox Kids is the story of a generation of young people, brought together by their talents and the Will of God, to bring people of diverse walks of life together through music and ministry! 


Know their story and see why the SandBox Kids are the leaders of the future by reading the books!


Read the books and wanna support the message? Purchase our merchandise and represent! 


We find so much joy in organizing events in the community to share the SandBox Kids with you.


The SandBox Kids are more than just books, their message is vital to the community. Join us! 

"On My Way" Is Now Available

The eBook edition of "On My Way" is now available on Amazon! The paperback edition is coming soon, but in the meantime enjoy the eBook! September 2019, we will be embarking on a book tour in the Lowcountry. Signing copies of both SandBox Kids books! Fans will be able to purchase the books and merchandise! 

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