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An Amazing Journey

Meet Slim Carl, Danielle, Sasha, and Smooth Bass, The SandBox Kids! United by the power of God, their incredible abilities, and musical talents, these young leaders are preparing to embark on an incredible journey that will change their lives and the world.

Memories from our first book signing!

You would have thought Anthony Moore would have never made it out of Casa Blanca, California with all of the trials and tribulations he faced as a child. He was one of six children growing up in a home where his mother was abused, for most of his life, by his step father, along with his siblings. From living on the streets off and on, to becoming an alcoholic as a 13 year old to cope with his pain, Anthony’s life was a living nightmare. 

Because of the kindness of strangers of different nationalities and background, Anthony was able to turn his life around, pursue his dreams, and grow closer to God. Those experiences of being helped by all of these people, influenced him in such a powerful way, and led to the birth of his book series, The SandBox Kids. 

Now a husband and father, he devotes himself to his community in whatever way God leads him to, while diligently making difference in the lives of those he meets.

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